Oh… My… Goodness!

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind since Spring began & the new site was launched. Not only have I been experiencing a great deal of online influx for me to deal with (for which I am grateful), but also quite a bit more to do outside and within…


Baby habanero peppers & flowers

As mentioned in previous posts, the majority of April was spent water fasting, cleansing, and re-entering the realm of caloric intake through extensive juicing. I was able to focus a great deal of energy on my studies (yet another aspect my April endeavours), and also made a great many leaps & bounds in my gardening. I now have three avocado trees happening from seed (one is now 2 feet tall, the others amazing little sprouts), far more seedlings than I can possibly handle (even after having given some away to Lorax Community cooperative members), and healthily developing young plants with little tomatoes & habanero peppers popping up eagerly where flowers once smiled coyly from below delicate parasols of young leaves…

How my heart SINGS when I venture outside to visit with my beloved green children! Although it may sound quite juvenile, I truly end up reeling with glee each time I go out and notice new developments & alien observers in the garden. I am literally beside myself with joy, gratitude, adoration, and love.


Sprouting Florida avocado tree(s)


Young Florida avocado tree – 3ft


Perhaps this sense of healthy bliss is a largely contributing factor to my healing process as well. During the past month, whilst fasting/cleaning/juicing, I have noticed great improvements in my strength, endurance, and also range of motion. I have also been sleeping a great deal better, and for the first time I’m waking up feeling a thousand times better than I had been during the seemingly endless abyss of months I had spent lingering in Southern California. I’m actually beginning to feel like a whole person again, more and more with each passing day since I arrived back East and was delivered into my new home. Although I have no idea what may come next at any given moment, I am absolutely grateful for each experience I’ve been having & a great deal more open to experiencing more. =)

Little tomatoes, ripening on the vine

Little tomatoes, ripening on the vine

In other news, it appears that my site/blog has also been nominated for an award… twice! I’m presently in the process of trying to suss out whether or not I can handle both nominations in one single post, two separate entries, or if I am able to accept only one… I actually just got around to addressing the entry passed to me by the lovely Rika of veganmiam.com, but then discovered that another great blog (cleverly entitled “Don’t Fear The Vegan“) has also chosen to honour me with the same award. It appears to be one of those things where acceptance requires an entire entry of various questions and answers to be given and passed on, which is a fun idea since this has been passed my way by fellow members of the vegan community. Anyway, I’m holding off on posting my response to the Vegan Miam nomination and fully intend to come up with a solution ASAP – either during this weekend’s pre-gathering preparation madness (sometimes prepping food helps to clear my mind & infuse me with compositional ideas), or after my birthday & 23rd “Veganniversary” celebration has ended.

And now…

On to the good stuff!

Each year on the day of my Solar return (a.k.a. birthday, Appearance Day, etc.), I try to do something special, different, or truly meaningful. Twenty-three years ago this Sunday (5th May), I decided of my own free will to stop being a “textbook defined vegetarian” by immediately eliminating all by-products from other sentient beings from my dietary intake and lifestyle in general. Thus, I also celebrate my “Veganniversary” on my birth anniversary each year. It’s generally always been a private observance, though I would always share vegan food with others and they would gladly accept and enjoy. However, I believe they always thought the little meal gatherings were more about celebrating a birthday, as I never really expected anyone else to understand the “Veganniversary” thing…

In any case, I’m particularly excited about this year since 23 has always been a special number for me. I  have had several enquiries from friends friends, family, and even some sweet people online regarding gifts and what I may be hoping to receive for my birthday. To all of you who have asked, I am deeply grateful and it is my pleasure to share gifts with others on my day of birth rather than to receive them. As such, I will be preparing a feast of healthy raw/vegan treats a few close friends, family members, and very special vegan/peace activists who happen to be around at just the right time. For those who would also like to celebrate with me from afar, I have offered up a couple of new recipes to share during this very special weekend, along with two older favourites which more appropriately fit the “Cinco de Mayo” theme of the day. For anyone who wishes to prepare any of my recipes and share the images with me via Instagram, please do so by adding the hashtag “#RawVeganista” to your pics so that I may find & enjoy them with you. =)

Please click images to be taken to the full recipe for each of the following:

Sunny Citrus & Cilantro Cooler

Sunny Citrus & Cilantro Cooler

Apple Cinnamon Buckwheat "Porridge"

Apple Cinnamon Buckwheat “Porridge”









Taco Salad

Taco Salad

Spicy HOT Chili

Spicy HOT Chili







Final note: For those who simply insist upon gifting something in honour of my birthday/Veganniversary, please offer donations to Lorax Community as means to help with expansion of veganic gardening, educational, and other related projects.

May peace, abundance, and infinite bliss grace all on this very special week end. Ⓥ♡★

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