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Other than bookmarking this site and remembering to check it often, there are currently four helpful ways to ensure that you never miss an update!

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If you are a WordPress blogger or have a WordPress account, and you’re looking at the actual site (rather than reading this in an email or RSS feed), you probably have an extra little toolbar running across the top of the page. It’s likely asking if you want to follow this blog. The correct answer is “yes!” 😉

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Another simple way to keep up with my posts is via Bloglovin.
This service is automatically updated as soon as a new post is made, and also allow you to read all of your favourite blogs in one simple, easily accessible place.


Follow The Raw Veganista on Social Media

Whenever a new post goes live, a message is automatically sent to the Raw Veganista Facebook page, Twitter account, & Tumblog.
With those having been mentioned, I must confess that most people seem most inclined to visit my Instagram gallery, which appears to have more subscribers than anywhere else––perhaps due to the fact that we all love to look at photographs! 📸
However, IG changed their TOS in late 2020 and I simply cannot agree to many of the new terms. As such, I may not be able to upload new images to the account for awhile––at least until they change things to be a bit more respectful of privacy and rights of creators to their own content. Until then, I am presently in the process of looking into alternatives for archiving photos and videos of my work.

As far as other videos are concerned, I am also in the process of separating with the vast majority of my “Big Tech” controlled accounts due to similar issues as those aforementioned with Instagram. As such, I am currently in the process of migrating to Rumble, which I absolutely LOVE thus far.

You may also look to the sidebar for more links to The Raw Veganista on other social media sites. If you happen one of the many vegans who have recently joined ABillionVeg, I was recently invited to join as an ambassador and am happy to connect with others in this new environment. ABillionVeg sort of reminds me like Yelp, but with entirely vegan content which also donates some money to animal rescue (& related causes) for each review or article posted on the app.
And yes, I do still have a profile on Yelp which can also be followed for reviews of various places/things.

In closing, it is probably worth mentioning that I no longer use Skype, but am happy to organise meetings and consultations via Zoom for the time being. Simply reach out to me via email or contact form, and we can easily organise a live virtual meeting.