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L[ocal] O[rganic] R[Evolutionary] A[himsa] X[enodochium] Community: A Gentle Movement Toward Self-Sustainability

Empowering & connecting communities through conscious humanity.

LORAX Community’s core mission is to create and share viable ideas & resources in consciousness-based alternatives for sustainability. Our projects and resources are specifically geared toward creating viable, consciousness-based alternatives in self-sustainable living for those who wish to avoid methods which may incorporate discrimination, enslavement, brutality and other unethical behaviours.

Our main objectives are based upon a philosophy of peaceful cohabitation with nature and all species as part of our everyday existence and community ethic.






Organic Alex – Certified Health Coach & Nutritional Chef

Alex is a plant based nutritional chef and certified holistic health coach based in Colchester, England. He helps people to achieve optimum health through a personalised diet and detox programme––along with ongoing mentorship and support. He also offers holistic wellness mentoring, regenerative & educational retreat accommodations, transitional assistance for plant based diets, and teaches food preparation workshops.





Dawn Of Peace

Dawn of Peace is a non-profit peace organisation, dedicated to protecting the integrity and sacredness of all Life through conscious activism. Our mission is to build bridges and create true peace by educating people about the spiritual reality of life. We advocate nonviolence, holistic healing, and self sovereignty as vital tools for the evolution of humanity.Our goal is to guide people beyond the current doctrine of apathy, deception and dominance into a culture of compassion, truth and freedom.Site:





abillionveg is a social review platform catered to the vegan community.

Every dish or product review raises $1 in donation which goes towards helping animal advocacy partners all over the world. Please sign up using referral code RAWVEGANISTA to support my contributions as part of their Ambassador program.


Site: abillionveg








Allicin’s Ranch


Allicin’s Ranch offers the finest, most delicious volcanic garlic, grown by organic standards!

All crops are located hundreds of miles from any industrial pollution, grown without chemicals, and hydrated by artesian wells. Volcanic soil is amazingly rich in minerals, so this garlic is also incredibly nutritious, health enhancing, and robust in flavour.

To receive a special 20% discount on some of their fabulously healthful goods, please use my special affiliate code VEGANISTA20% when ordering through their website! =)







Fernandez Dates

Fernandez Dates originated in the wonderful and scenic Coachella Valley of California by the Fernandez family 30+ years ago. Each and every date is thoroughly inspected and cleaned before packaging.

NO chemicals, insecticides or pesticides are used during the process, allowing them to offer some of the most delicious, healthy, & environmentally responsible treats available.






Gnosis Raw Chocolate & Superfoods

Made with respect for the origins of cacao, the well-being of our society, & Earth’s natural majesty, Gnosis products celebrate health, exquisite flavour, and integrity. Gnosis begins with ethically sourced Raw Cacao from Bali, Ecuador, and Peru – and adds superfoods, low glycemic sweeteners, nutrient dense fruits, nuts, & medicinal herbs sourced fastidiously from the Amazon to the Himalayas. Gnosis works directly with producers to verify fair labour practices and Raw Integrity. Only post-consumer recycled and biodegradable packaging with vegetable based inks are used in the packaging process of each and every Gnosis product.





Love Force All-Raw/Vegan Organic Gluten-free Foods & Mindful Products

Love Force Raw Foods exists to offer you with an alternative to the everyday selection of snack and energy foods. All of our products are 100% raw, vegan, organic & gluten-free. We like to think of our energy bars as desserts that provide real whole food nutrition. We are proud to offer Natural Organic Raw Vegan Foods in the form of Love Force Energy Bars and Love Force Raw Breads.

Love force is also committed to providing you with Mindful Alternative Products that are natural, organic and environmentally correct.







Eternity In A Box

Eternity In A Box

Eternity In a Box brings you the most powerful teacher plants from around the world, along with superfoods, therapeutic herbs, remedial teas, and restorative intentions.When choosing Eternity in a Box you can be confident that your plants have been mindfully sourced and sent from a field of loving energy.

The site also features a new herb to sample out weekly with each order to be sent, in addition to a wonderful visionary blog composed by its compassionately insightful owner.








“Wildman” Steve Brill

Steve Brill is America’s go-to guy for foraging – a self-taught naturalist, environmental educator, author, and artist with a BA in psychology (The George Washington University, 1971). He’s led thousands of foraging tours and workshops throughout the Greater NY area since 1982. He works with the public, with school classes, day camps, museums, parks departments, nature centers, libraries, garden clubs, organic farms, scouts, and more, and also leads birthday party tours. Despite having appeared countless times in major electronic and print media, he’s still best-known for having been arrested and handcuffed by undercover NYC park rangers for eating a dandelion in Central Park in 1986. The media ate it up, and embarrassed officials negotiated with the naturalist, dropped the charges, and hired him to lead the same foraging tours for which they arrested him. He worked for the city for 4 years, before resuming freelance work.






UNLESS Ahimsa Fellowship

UNLESS Spiritual Fellowship is an Interfaith congregation of those bearing similar purpose and common goals: Care of creation and peaceful co-existence between ALL living entities.Our acronym (Universal • Nonviolence • Love • Equality • Sustainability • Spirituality) is a useful abbreviation for all that we stand as a collective; thus we are unified in our mission. Collectively, we bear fundamental regard for environment as an interconnected organism of which we are merely a fraction.

All species are interdependent, interrelated, and equally regarded as sacred. We Are All ONE.