“Vegetarian food leaves a deep impression on our nature. If the whole world adopts vegetarianism, it can change the destiny of humankind.”

~Albert Einstein


“Bad cooks — and the utter lack of reason in the kitchen — have delayed human development longest and impaired it most.”

~Friedrich Nietzsche


I concur with both statements above, and also live each day of my life in accordance with tenets outlined in Genesis 1:29 –
“And God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”
As such, I feel quite deeply inclined to explore these gifts rather extensively and also share my own culinary discoveries & delights with others, so that they may also feel inspired to prepare wonderful, delicious & sustainable meals in their own kitchens (without use of heat, flesh, commercially manufactured or heavily processed ingredients). It can be done, and can indeed be exquisite.
Sadly, it would often seem that love, adeptness, and appreciation for nature’s simplest pleasures (in the form of plant-derived edibles) have seemingly been values neither widely shared nor taught in modern society. A such, it has become an integral element of my life’s purpose to change this, and to share these positive lessons with others so that they may also share similar knowledge & skills with future generations.


The following is a brief summary of my own idiosyncratic modus operandi: 


I generally prepare food without recipes. In fact, my main goal behind creating this blog & contributing to Lorax Community Kitchen is to will myself to create more detailed guidelines & by recording a reasonably accurate archive for future purposes.
In the past, I have largely refrained from sharing my recipes & writings (despite my sheer enjoyment of sharing food from my own kitchen), mainly because I never really felt as if they were entirely finished projects.
I strongly believe in the value of putting love and gratitude into each moment of every activity, and strive to do so by putting myself into every moment as much as possible. I aim to do everything with intention. I believe that each experience we face is a valuable lesson from the Universe. It is my intention to find something useful and positive in each of these lessons, and make experiments into fun and playful experiences.
I strive to grow, wildcraft, and forage as much of my own food as possible.
Gardening is a wonderful form of prayer offering, foraging my favourite means for meditation.
For any items I find myself unable to grow or harvest in the wild, I prefer to purchase either locally or grower-direct. Great pains are taken to ensure that all food purchases are organically grown, sustainably produced & obtained through fair labour. 
I greatly enjoy meeting and personally interacting with growers and suppliers of food items selected for my kitchen.
I love Earth, our Sun, and the beautiful results of their miraculous symbiosis.
God has truly blessed us with abundance, and so it only follows that we should honour The Creator by way of the utmost consideration and gratitude for all Creation.
Respect for nature, her infinite knowledge & divine marriage with the Universe are wonders of which I find myself in awe each moment of every day.
I appreciate the gifts provided for us for healing, development, general well-being & strength. I believe in the medicinal value of organically grown fruit and other edible plants, especially in raw, whole forms.
I also believe that consciousness is ever-present, and highly transferable through internal consumption.
We truly are what we eat.
In closing, I feel that I should offer a wee disclaimer in regard to my methodology:
Many of the “measurements” noted in my formulations are in fact based on loose estimations. As with nearly all of my most successful projects during my experience as a chef and instructor, a great majority of work shared here has been completely eyeballed & based on personal preferences. In short, my general modus operandi typically involves playing with my food. Therefore, I strongly encourage others to incorporate similar elements play into their own culinary endeavours––making estimations and adjustments according to one’s own personal taste and experience. After all, isn’t the best part of working with food is having fun and experimenting?
Come along then… Let’s play with our food! ♡Ⓥ★