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Simple elegance & vibrant wellness through compassionately sustainable living

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Lunar Noods – DIY “Sea Tangle” Noodles (raw/vegan/low-carb/keto-friendly) for V-Day

Greetings, and bright blessings to all for a...

Product Review: Tibek Juicer

Upon first having spotted a Tibek juicer for...

Product Review/WARNING: Vedica Organics Dried Chickpeas

I’m back! Sort of…(?) Just now...

Lunar Noodling – Heirloom Apple/Butternut Pasta & Sunflower Seed Butter Sauce

Happy Lunar New Year! This time of year marks...

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Thank you for your interest in Raw Veganista Culinary Arts & Ahimsa Lifestyle Mentoring.

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Healthful Integration

Each year it becomes more challenging to eat in a way that nourishes our bodies as well as our spirits. The Raw Veganista & Lorax Community are here to help us do just this. Where we’ve become disconnected from our basic nutritional needs, The Raw Veganista will put us on a path to healthful integration through her consultations, workshops, & community projects. The devastation done by a food industry more concerned with the bottom line than the nurturing of healthy individuals with conscientious produce is not irreversible. We can responsibly change the way we eat with total wellness as our guide. Join The Raw Veganista and Lorax Community projects, for a healthier and better life.

~ J. Ramirez

(Lorax Community member, NYC)

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