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Lunar Noods – DIY “Sea Tangle” Noodles (raw/vegan/low-carb/keto-friendly) for V-Day

Greetings, and bright blessings to all for a...

Product Review: Tibek Juicer

Upon first having spotted a Tibek juicer for...

Product Review/WARNING: Vedica Organics Dried Chickpeas

I’m back! Sort of…(?) Just now...

Lunar Noodling – Heirloom Apple/Butternut Pasta & Sunflower Seed Butter Sauce

Happy Lunar New Year! This time of year marks...

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Raw Vegan Fare

I have had the pleasure of consuming The Raw Veganista’s food on numerous occasions.
The recipes are original and sometimes “mimic” the original cooked item. I have never tasted anything that wasn’t absolutely delicious. Much attention is given to presenting ingredients of varying textures and colors. The food is beautiful in appearance as well as being delectable in taste. All her ingredients are certified organic and obtained from trusted sources. Try some of her recipes for a taste sensation.

– Susan Brittner, MS,RD,LD.

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