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Product Review/WARNING: Vedica Organics Dried Chickpeas

I’m back! Sort of…(?) Just now...

Lunar Noodling – Heirloom Apple/Butternut Pasta & Sunflower Seed Butter Sauce

Happy Lunar New Year! This time of year marks...

Juicy January – Healthful Habits & Reviews (part II)

The Juicing Joy Continues… Since my last...

Noodling About with Spiral Slicers & Thai Nut Butter Sauce

Warm greetings to you, kind reader, and a...

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Healthy & Delicious

I am not vegan, but enjoy a balanced diet of all the food groups. Years ago, I found most vegan food to be boring and ultimately tasteless. That has all changed. The recipes found in this treasure trove will undoubtedly tempt even the most steadfast of carnivores. They are wonderfully flavorful and healthy as well. You will be doing yourself a favor by taking the knowledge offered within. You will not regret it.

– Gerard in NYC

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