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I’m DⒶⓋi (a.k.a. “V”) St✭rdust – voluntaristic, Ahimsa-centric spirit soul, advocate for Natural Law & health freedom, and founder of Ahimsa Living Wellness Consultancy & Lifestyle Mentoring––formerly The Raw Veganista Culinary Arts & Ahimsa Lifestyle Consultation Services. I am also an eclectically influenced creatrix: studio vocalist, raw/living culinary artisan/instructor, recipe/product developer, and holistic lifestyle/wellness mentor currently based in the United Kingdom.

In addition to the aforementioned, I also curate and create material (and related products) for  “Veganarchy in the U.K.,” Veganarchist Kitchen, and LORAX Community projects (and their associated websites). The majority of my work over the past 16+ years has been centred in development and preparation of raw, organic (“veganic“), plant-based cuisine––in addition to providing holistic wellness and Ahimsa lifestyle mentoring. As a native New Yorker, I also had several “side hustles” happening at all times (it’s how we paid our ridiculously high rent 😜), and did a fair amount of work as a brand ambassador, corporate spokesmodel, copy editor, print model, companion animal carer, TV presenter, “video vixen”/stage performer/occasional “merch slinger”––as well as providing veganic culinary & wellness services for touring bands and fellow musicians.

As of late 2011 I opted to retire from all live entertainment and performance-related work, largely due to a cycling accident which rendered me unable to walk for quite awhile. Having spent a rather extended period of time in a wheelchair (& subsequently re-learning to walk) led me to direct the vast majority of my personal and energetic resources toward revisiting a long-standing habit developed from childhood: research and development of methods relating to natural self-healing/recovery via plant-derived nutritional means & extended periods of fasting. My intentions in relation to such were not only to heal from my own injury, but also aimed toward assisting others in similar situations by way of writing, demonstrating, and sharing relative personal experiences.
It was also around this time that I became more heavily involved in spiritual service, often dwelling in monastic settings (and occasional hermitage) whilst working toward becoming ordained to minister fellow seekers on similar pathways. This led to the chartering of UNLESS Ministries, which was then initiated to act as an overseeing entity for LORAX Community activities.
Services provided over time for our ever-expanding conscious community have mainly taken form as ordained spiritual counsel, certified World Peace Diet facilitator, chief overseer/coordinator for LORAX Community (& its related workshops), holistic nutrition & remedial wellness mentor, raw/living culinary developer/instructor and lifestyle coach as chief proprietress for Ahimsa Living Wellness Consultancy.

In recent days I have been placing the vast majority of my time and energies into team efforts, mainly in the form of culinary, literary, and other creative collaborations with my very best friend, business associate, and beloved partner in life Organic Alex.
Alex is an incredibly accomplished, esteemed, and sought-after veganic culinary artisan/caterer who also works diligently and dutifully to help others through provision of customised health coaching, workshops, holistic wellness retreats, educational resources an other forms of ongoing support. As such, I now feel it most natural and sensible for us to work together in wellness consultancy as well––with great confidence that the sum of my work is now greater as part of a divinely unified endeavour.