Happy Spring!

As mentioned in my previous posting, last month was largely spend fasting on water and saline cleansing my entire system. After all of that was finished, I opted to take my “reacquaintance” (re-introduction to caloric intake) melon in juice form – mainly because I really don’t care much for watermelon in solid fruit form. I realise it sounds a bit strange to the rest of the world, but I honestly cannot stand the sugary, sticky consistency in my mouth/teeth (or cleaning up the sticky mess it seems to make absolutely everywhere). As such, I went with a friend to a great family owned health food shop with a fabulous organic juice bar to enjoy a big glass of organic melon juice – rind and all!

Whilst enjoying my juicy treat (it’s even better when someone else cleans up the mess), I began to think about all of the nice juices I could make with local fruit & vegetables… and also all pondering the possibilities of pulp repurposing (more to come on this in future). I came up with a few key ideas, made a little trip over to the produce section, and felt absolutely compelled to bring home an enormous stockpile of my most favourite treats from Citrus Heaven. =)

Sunny Citrus & Cilantro Cooler

Sunny Citrus & Cilantro Cooler

This combination is one of the über simple concoctions I have enjoyed daily for the past week:

• 1 Ruby red or pink grapefruit - peeled
• 2 Valencia or navel oranges - peeled
• 1 Meyer lemon - peeled
• 1/2 bunch cilantro
• 1 aloe leaf (partially peeled)

Instructions for preparation:

Run all produce through juicer, stirring the following into mixture as it pours:
• 1/8 tsp powdered turmeric
• 1/8 tsp powdered cayenne


Mix well, pour into glass, & enjoy in gratitude!

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