Apple Cinnamon Buckwheat "Porridge"

Apple Cinnamon Buckwheat “Porridge”

This rather large, raw, & completely vegan brunch was so incredibly filling!  Also pictured here is some of the raw/vegan “butter” I recently shared on the blog, which has since been made by numerous readers & even described as “The Holy Grail of raw/vegan butter” by another blogger (who appears to be neither raw nor vegan).

It had been years since having been able to utilise that recipe in any way (there’s little need for margarine or “butter” in a raw, largely fruitarian diet), but I had been eager to try again it since having made some to share before having ended my fast/cleanse. As such, I have been brainstorming various ideas on how to make use of it…

It really does melt quite nicely (even at room temperature), so I decided to grab some of my favourite raw “bread” from Rayo de Sol (which is also vegan and free of yeast/gluten) to give it a try in the absence of a dehydrator. Fabulous! It was absolutely incredible when paired with both apricot & rye varieties, and combined *magically* with my homemade almond butter & macadamia “cream cheese”.

I rarely eat breakfasty-type foods (especially in 80ºF weather like today’s), but also had some raw buckwheat groats available for me to use (via Lorax Community Kitchen)…

Thus, this experiment simply had to be done:

• 1 Cup raw buckwheat groats (soaked overnight)
• 4 Barhi dates
• 1/2 C plant milk (I used a blend of coconut & cultured macadamia cream)
• 1/8 tsp. Celtic sea salt
• pinch of powdered organic vanilla


Preparation Instructions:

Place all ingredients in blender or food processor & blend at lowest speed until fully incorporated (I used my Vitamix on the lowest setting).


After blending, place mixture into a bowl and add the following: 


• 1/2 apple of your choice (I used Pink Lady)
• Raisins (optional - I added chopped Medjool dates instead)
• Cinnamon & nutmeg to taste
• Raw/Vegan "butter" (also optional)


Serve & enjoy with gratitude! =)

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