Juicy June

Happy New Moon (in June)!

 Now that we are merely days away from Summer’s majestic arrival, what better time could there be to rejuvenate with deliciously nutrient-rich fresh juices? With everything set up in my kitchen for ultimate juicification (and subsequent enjoyment), I am presently in the midst of month-long juicing frenzy! Considering all of the juicing posts I’ve been seeing here and there over the past week or so, it strikes me as if the Juicy June bug seems to have bitten many of us within the raw & wellness community… Glad to know I’m in such good company!

Everyone seems to have their own modus operandi when it comes to preferences for nearly everything juice related. Here’s my own juicing checklist, for comparison sake:
  1. ÜBER amounts of delicious, fresh, organically grown fruit and veg
  2. One excellent juicer (the one I’ll be using is an Omega 1000)
  3. Optimum cutting board & massive tea towel setup (preferably somewhere near the juicer!)
  4. Fat wooden spoon (for scooping out pulp between juices)
  5. Covered glass containers & jars for saved pulp
  6. Glass bottles, jars, and drinking cups ready to be filled (for immediate consumption, as well as later in the day – who wants to clean the juicer any time a juicy treat is desired?)
  7. Glass drinking straws, to make sipping an even more happy and fun experience
Glass straws? Really?
Absolutely YES!

Glass Dharma Straws

Firstly, I must admit that I was never really an avid user of drinking straws – except for when I took non-disposable “sippy cups” (the Summer ones with non-disposable straws integrated into their design) with me whilst running around for work and errands around NYC during the warmer months. My morning routine generally consisted of blending up a bunch of fruit before going out, then taking it with me to drink on the way to wherever I was going. If I fancied something later in the day (whilst away from home or Lorax Community Kitchen), I loved to stop by one of my favourite “juice joints” (The Juice Press or Liquiteria – both on the Lower East Side). However, I would only allow myself to do so if I happened to be carrying one of the aforementioned “sippy cups”, as creating minimal waste has always been an essential goal for me.
Why contribute to the landfill on an ongoing basis, or fuel the consumer market for production of toxic plastics?


When I arrived in Los Angeles (several weeks before the cycling mishap), I ended up buying another non-disposable cup (with integrated straw) from KindKreme, largely because I was running around a lot on foot (and also by bike). How silly of me to not have packed one from my NYC arsenal (all of which were touted as having been sustainably produced using biodegradable materials, & BPA free)! KindKreme’s is plastic, not labelled for BPA content, made in China, and really not all that great. Basically, it’s just a plastic cup which was designed to be reused for awhile & will eventually end up in a landfill or, in my case, with a plant living in it.


DragonOrangasmLogoAfter having become injured during my stay (and subsequently directed to remain there indefinitely), I knew there would be long road of healing ahead, especially since neither pharmaceuticals nor surgery are considered to be viable options for me. Realising that greens would be my number one go-to food, it became my intention to ingest my fresh local produce most abundantly by rendering most everything into liquid form (using my beloved Vitamix). Therefore, a large percentage of the food I had been creating & ingesting during those initial months following the accident had been potable – mainly in the form of plant/fruit “milks” and blended drinks. I was largely confined to a wheelchair or bed during the initial healing process, so “sippy cups” seemed unnecessary and I went for months without even thinking about using a straw.


However, there were occasions when I would have to make trips out which would last for awhile. After having been gifted with a great glasslock drinking cup with a hole in the cap (specifically designed for a straw), I began looking into purchasing metal straws online to use with the cup.
Somehow, I ended up finding Glass Dharma instead – and completely falling in love. Now that I am back on the mobility train speeding toward full recovery, I simply cannot imagine enjoying my blended drinks, juices, or “to-go” beverages any other way.


Why glass straws?
  • Because they are an environmentally responsible choice for those of us who wish to reduce (or end) our participation in contributing to the mass of toxic landfills presently overflowing into other areas of our planet. It’s simply mind-blowing how many disposable plastic items have been polluting and subsequently acidifying countless lakes, rivers, streams, and even our oceans. Personally, I want no part in contributing to such massive destruction and disrespect for fellow inhabitants of Earth.
Are they durable?
  • Absolutely! I have actually had them fall onto the (hard) kitchen floor from high counters on two separate occasions. They sustained the drop without so much as a chip or crack.
What if they DO end up being broken at some point?
  • Not a problem! Glass Dharma offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their straws and will gladly replace them in the (highly unlikely) event of a breakage.
Why not metal?
  •  Metal is a common allergen – Personally, I avoid metal unless it’s high quality/precious. When eating with metal utensils at home, it was always with real silverware – as in sterling silver silverware. My skin reacts quite badly to other metals, so I prefer to use extreme caution when it comes to putting it in contact with my food. Yes, I’m one of those chefs who swear by ceramic knives and try to limit contact with non-ceramic blades whenever possible. It’s not always possible, but I prefer to avoid cutting corners wherever & whenever I can.
  • It is possible for metal to oxidise and become quite foul – Seriously, what actually happens when liquid sits in the metal straws all day? Even with gold, silver, or platinum this would be an issue. Biological matter can easily collect in straws/pipes/etc. and is difficult to clean out without being able to see what’s going on. Don’t even get me started on rust, and other time-degenerative damage issues…
Where are they made?
  • Glass Dharma straws are made in the USA! Not only that, but the company is based in Fort Bragg – an incredibly eco-conscious community in Northern California which also happens to be the home for one of the finest raw vegan culinary schools in the country! In fact, when I spoke with one of the companies owners (a very kind lady who is also a minister), she informed me that Glass Dharma actually began as a collaborative effort with Living Light. How brilliant is that? =)
How can they be cleaned?
  • They’re easily cleaned when rinsed immediately, but can also be swept out more thoroughly with a little cleaning brush (similar to a bottle brush). They offer such little brushes in a couple of different sizes (to match up with their different gauges of straws) for sale on their website, and will also send one as a bonus gift to anyone buying a set of 4 straws (or more). I have also tossed mine into the utensil basket of the dishwasher, which also works quite well (though the tiny cocktail straw is far too small to stay put in there – use the brush for that one).
Anything else?


  • So many reasons, I probably cannot begin to list all of the amazing points! Here are a few, off the top of my head:
  1. Helpful for people with medical and dental issues – Using straws helped me to ingest more greens when I needed it most, and may also be helpful to those who experience tooth sensitivity, mouth sores, enamel issues, or have concerns about stains on their teeth.
  2. Non-toxic – Face it, do you really want to drink your juices through some BPA/chemical-laden pipe? If you’re anything like me, your goal in eating & drinking healthy organic produce is to actually improve health, without adding random toxicity worries into the equation.
  3. Elegance & Ethics – Glass Dharma straws are truly beautiful works of art, and handcrafted with loving care by really, really sweet people! Purposeful ownership and fair trade ethics are two of the aspects I love most about Glass Dharma.
  4. Versatility – They come in various lengths, gauges, and styles suitable for any and every occasion or whim. They even have a “bendy” style straw! How fun is that?
  5. Economically Intelligent – Priced between $7-$12 (USD), Glass Dharma’s straws are a sound investment. As previously mentioned, they are exceptionally durable, guaranteed against breakage, and mindfully designed to remain useful for a lifetime.
  6. Heat Safety – Unlike plastic straws which can melt & become (even more) toxic when placed in hot drinks, glass straws are actually quite safe to use when drinking warm (or hot) beverages during the colder months. I love drinking warm water with lemon at bedtime, and love using a glass straw when doing so. Also heat-related: have I mentioned that these straws are also dishwasher safe? =)
  7. Comfort & Enjoyment – Yes, there’s really no feeling of austerity in using any of their lovely straws. Who knew one could gain such pleasure from using something so mindfully crafted? I absolutely love the feeling of the glass in my mouth. There is simply no sufficient way for me to explain this in words, it is something I urge everyone to experience for themselves!

Glass Dharma Giveaway

Thus, I would love to offer each and every one of you an opportunity to do just that! As a “thank you for reading my blog (as well as a reward for having made it all the way through my epic review), I am offering one very lucky reader a chance to win their very own gorgeous Glass Dharma straw! Here’s how to enter:


  1. Subscribe to this blog! – Using the email signup feature of this site (form is in the sidebar) is the simplest means for me to keep track of entrants and how to reach those who win. There are also several other means for subscription, all of which are outlined in detail on the subscription page of my site. After you have done so, please let me know of your activity by leaving a comment below this post.
  2. Visit Glass Dharma! – Check out the Glass Dharma website and view some of their beautiful designs for yourself. Once you have had a chance to look over their craftwork, wander back over to this post and…
  3. Leave a juicy comment! – It can either be a share of your favourite recipe, or just a few words about which fruits and vegetables you most enjoy juicing. It can even be about what you enjoy drinking most with your own glass straw! Simply leave a relevant comment on this post, and it shall be counted as one entry. =)
  4. Follow along! – Please follow Glass Dharma on Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, and Facebook. I also have active accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, TumblrFlickr, & now Bleat. I even have a G+ profile, despite the fact that I have no real idea of what to do with it… In any case, all social links can easily be found in the sidebar to the right of this post, and I would love to hear from you! Please be sure to shout at me about your following activity, and remember to post a comment here to get my attention. Yes, this step also counts as yet another entry.
  5. Share this post widely – Pin it! Tweet it! Post it on Facebook! Tumblog it! Bleat it! Instagram it! Just follow the links to my accounts on whichever sites you prefer and do a simple repost of my “Juicy June” announcement. This activity will most easily allow me to keep track of what’s going on & where! No worries if you have a private account, simply post a message here to let me know of your activities and I shall count each one as a separate entry.
One lucky winner will be announced on the 21st of June, in celebration of Solstice! =)



  1. 6-9-2013

    Hello! Thank you for the giveaway! I have been eager to get my hands on one of these straws. I am a fan of the decorative dots one, as they just seem so fun. Would love to be able to drink daily lemon water and green smoothies w/ one of these.

    I am also a subscriber of your site and a Facebook follower of Glass Dharma.

  2. 6-9-2013

    Is the contest open to Europeans too? Because I can’t find them here, and would love to own one. I have lots of favourite juices. Currently I’m absolutely loving a juice out of pineapple, celery, cilantro and spinach, yum!

  3. 6-9-2013

    I follow you on facebook

  4. 6-9-2013

    I actually have been desiring to have some glass straws to use in our home.
    I love Sprouts and recently have noticed how easy the sprouts come out by using local harvested Spring water.

  5. 6-9-2013

    Hello! Thank you for your comment. I also use mine for lemon water, which I enjoy drinking hot. It really helps me to sleep, and I love that glass straws are able to safely handle warmer drinks. =)

  6. 6-9-2013

    Hi Sonja! Cheers for your question, & sharing your delicious juice combination. It sounds amazing!

    The giveaway is open to all of my blog subscribers, anywhere in the world. Anyone who subscribes to the blog (by entering a valid email address into the field in the righthand sidebar) and leaves a thoughtful comment on this post will earn one entry in the giveaway.
    Each additional action (social media follow, tweet, pin, share, etc.) counts as an additional entry.
    The winner will be announced after the contest ends and count has been made.
    Thanks again, and best of luck! =)

  7. 6-9-2013

    Hi Joie,
    Thanks for your comment. I love your insight about sprouting, and love sharing local spring water with my plants. They also love rainwater, of which there is a great abundance during this time of year. =)

  8. 6-10-2013

    I subscribed via email

  9. 6-10-2013

    I’d love the Iced Tea sized Beautiful Bends. We love iced tea and fresh lemonade in the heat of summer.

  10. 6-10-2013

    I liked you on FB as Mary Beth Elderton. I also like Glass Dharma on several of the sites, including FB. I also joined you on Google+, but I’m not sure I know any more about how it works than you do 😀

  11. 6-10-2013

    I shared on FB. Mine is all public, but here’s the link to make it easy:

  12. 6-15-2013

    Hi Mary Beth,

    Thanks so much for all of your entries! Your enthusiasm is wonderful, and I smiled whilst reading through all of your comments. =)

  13. 6-15-2013

    Hi Michael Ray!

    I love this video, and have now watched it at least 5 times. This is, by far, the most creative reply I have seen! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with me. =)

  14. 6-17-2013

    I really like the dotted straws, I think they’d look lovely in strawberry and banana smoothies (yummy!)… I imagine it would also make the smoothie last longer!

  15. 6-17-2013

    I followed you on facebook and shared the photo too! 🙂

  16. 6-17-2013

    Followed on twitter 😉

  17. 6-17-2013

    …and forgot to mention I also subscribed via e-mail!

  18. 6-18-2013

    Subscribe to this blog! – Done
    Visit Glass Dharma! – Done
    Leave a juicy comment! – Done (see below)
    Follow along! – Please follow Glass Dharma on Facebook – Done

    Hello! This is an awesome giveaway! I have just subscribed to your blog, been surfing the Glass Dharma site … totally love the beautiful bends smoothie straw! I had a root canal on my front tooth last fall and have been using straws to drink my many green smoothies since then.
    I had no idea one could buy a quality glass straw, so I am super excited to come across this give away! I am sure these will be a fun and functional item to collect.

    Favorite Vitamix recipie: 1 c. Almond Milk, 1 c. Filtered water, 2 bananas, 1 c. any fresh or frozen fruit/berries, 1 c. fresh/frozen greens/veggies, 2 mejool dates, 1 tbsp ground flax seed. Combine all items in Vitamix in order listed, blend 10-15 seconds or to desired consistency

  19. 6-20-2013

    Delicious and fabulous!

  20. 6-23-2013

    The contest has ended and comments are now closed on this post. Our winner has been announced via the latest blog entry (posted today), and shall be contacted directly by Glass Dharma regarding their prize. Cheers to all who participated, and happy Solstice to all!


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