• Basil – 1 large bunch (preferably Genovese, though lemon basil or a blend of the two could also work quite well)
• Pumpkin seeds, raw, green variety – ½ C to 1C
• Macadamia nuts – ½ C to 1 full Cup (these should near-match the amount of pumpkinseeds used and will be added in gradually, so please adjust measurements according to your own flavour & texture preferences)
• Garlic or garlic scapes – 2-4 (or according to personal preferences)
• Extra virgin olive oil (unfiltered, first cold press) – ¼ C to  C (please adjust according to texture & personal preferences)
• Celtic Sea Salt – to taste




Blend all ingredients together in food processor (reserving basil until the end), using pulse mechanism. Add basil toward the end, still pulsing (maintains texture) until mixture has reached desired consistency.


Crudité plate featuring pumkinseed & macadamia nut pesto, sliced heirloom tomatoes, SunFlax Italian (raw) bread from Love Force, & Macadamiana™ (cultured macadamia nut “cheese”).

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    Thanks for your recipes its very help full for me.

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