Happy “Pi Day”!


Early blessings for a joyous Springtime & Feast Day of St. Patrick

St. Patrick's Raw Vegan Reuben Pizza

Once again it has been awhile since my last public posting, as I have been on a rather lengthy hiatus due to an ongoing need to focus the majority of my attention toward several other matters requiring immediate action. The blog (and related online/social activity) was once again “back-burnered” for awhile, especially since I’ve been exceptionally busy with all manner of things… From designing and preparing various elements for my soon-to-be-launched shop for distribution of ready made goods, dealing with an assortment of über annoying tech issues, attempting to maintain proper mindset required for keeping up with studies, a bevy of obligatory personal issues related to family/home, and nursing an absolutely delightful feline who had been very ill and in my extended care until earlier this week.

The best news is that the little guy seems to have recovered quite nicely! ^_^


Feeling much better meow!

The bad news is that it has been ages since I’ve had a proper night’s rest. If my writing seems a bit off, it’s likely because kitten care, “Daylight Saving” and massive preoccupation with life’s little challenges has cracked up my sleep pattern and set my brain into autopilot… 😉

As I have also been neck-deep in matters related to research, preparation, appropriate setup, and ideal location search for relaunch of another LORAX community garden/orchard/wildlife sanctuary (along with a veritable host of matters related to such), the trend of rather sporadic activity online is likely to continue until all seems reasonably resolved. If you (or anyone you may know) happens to be in a position to assist in any way, please do get in touch!

However, in the spirit of all things fresh and green, I am unable to contain my excitement in sharing my “Pi Day” project as part of a series of related posts in response to some of your most commonly submitted recipe requests.
Please forgive my extended silences/lengthy compensation ramblings and consider this culinary project as my St. Patrick’s Day token of gratitude to you, dear readers, of which this post shall be herald and very first installment. I shall surely do my best to have all elements posted within the next few days, beginning with those requiring of the most time and patience…

Like many other native New Yorkers, it seems that my favourite kind of “pie” is also pizza. I am actually quite keen on savoury pies in general, and greatly enjoy creating new and interesting, albeit rather unconventional, pizza-esque pies.
As such, I have opted to create yet another multi-faceted “series style” post to celebrate my love of raw, vegan, gluten-free goodness to be enjoyed in a number of ways… And then fashioning it into a very special treat to share in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day!

Raw, Vegan, & Gluten-free Reuben PizzaAs promised during my most recent exchange via Vegan Recipe Hour on Twitter, I have put together a very special “Reuben”-esque (ha!) pizza pie which seemed an ideal share for celebrating the Feast Day of St. Patrick. It consists of a raw, gluten-free, nut-free, & grain-free dehydrated “rye bread” crust, topped with creamy vegan “Thousand Island” dressing, “corned beetroot” and homemade live fermented sauerkraut.
As the aforementioned is indeed another series-type posting, links will be provided for each of these elements as they go live.

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For the time being, I shall begin with an incredibly elementary formulation for the aforementioned sauerkraut–mainly because so many of you have been asking about it via Instagram!

Completion of this project as a whole goes most smoothly when longest-awaited elements are prepared first. As such, the most logical course of action for this particular recipe is to begin with fermentation and longest-dehydrated projects since the overall wait time on these is a bit longer than for beetroot topping or sauce (which is relatively quick and easy).

Following the element steps listed below (in successive order) will likely bring you the most success in your own recreation!

Elemental Ingredients:



Instructions for Preparation:

    1. Spread dressing/sauce as evenly as possible over top of crust.Raw, Vegan, Gluten-free Reuben Pizza
    2. Arrange a thin layer of corned beetroot as desired over sauce.Raw Vegan Corned Beetroot on Reuben Pizza
    3. Sprinkle sauerkraut over top of beetroot layer (amount depending upon personal preference–I like a lot of kraut!)Raw Vegan Reuben Pizza
    4. Slice pie into even serving sizesRaw Vegan Reuben Pizza
    5. Dig in and enjoy!


Slice of the raw Reubenpie, garnished with a sprinkle of dried moringa leaves to add some green St. Patty's Day cheer! =)

Slice of raw Reuben pie, garnished with a sprinkle of dried moringa to add a bit of green St. Patty’s Day cheer!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and may the onset of Spring (in the Northern hemisphere) bring peaceful blessings of abundance to all! ♡Ⓥ★

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