Although not normally one to get caught up in the “holiday gift ideas” frenzy, I found myself compelled to say a few words about a new discovery which impressed me as a great “jumping off” point for those who are just beginning their respective journeys down the path to vegan and raw vegan dietary transitions. This wonderful resource was recently brought to my attention by an exceptionally delightful author (and fellow longtime vegan) by the name of Marilyn Peterson, whose incredible 32 years of adherence to veganism relatively dwarfs my humble (nearly) 23 years of dedication to the lifestyle…

A “how to” transition to vegan book w/ lots of raw desserts, Vegan Bite by Bite also features savoury raw/high-raw, in addition to traditional cooked vegan recipes. It showcases many incredibly alluring images which are guaranteed to inspire, as well as interviews with celebrities, authors, students, restauranteurs, and others who have successfully transitioned to a plant-based way of life. Additionally, this book was also “prescribed” (in the form of a forwarding statement) by Dr. Neal Barnard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)! =)

This gorgeous publication would be an ideal gift for anyone considering a lifestyle change to veganism, but may have been unsure of where (or how) to begin.

Vegan Bite By Bite is now available in both digital (for Kindle) and physical book form via The Raw Veganista Virtual Veganica Marketplace.

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