I have been a kombucha enthusiast for quite some time, and make a point of tasting just about any I encounter along the way (with the exception of those bottled in plastic). After my last semi-extended fasting adventure (2 days water, 2 days dry), I made the decision to transition slowly back into caloric intake with kombucha, organic juices, and organic fresh fruit only. What better way to break a fast than with delicious probiotic goodness?

Most kombucha available on the market is made from black tea, and also bears a high sugar content (despite what’s declared on the labelling). Lev’s Original Green Tea Kombucha is made by a small family business in San Francisco and features a lighter, more delicate flavour than any other variety I have tried. The fact that it is also less sugary tasting makes it an ideal mixer for fruit and juice cocktails. The subtle, almost dry character of certain flavours really allows the fruit to shine and truly stand on its own without being overpowered by the overbearing sweetness I have found to be somewhat ubiquitous in other brands. 

Lev’s kombucha is available exclusively in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles areas. When ordering in Southern California, free delivery is offered on case
purchases (at a very fair price of $40 per case, CRV inclusive).
It is also available by the keg, and even on tap in many health businesses in the aforementioned areas. Flavour varieties include original, black currant, mint, nutragreen (with chlorophyll), hibiscus, mango, and ginger. In 2013 they will be introducing two new varieties, turmeric flavour and coconut water kombucha!

For anyone who enjoys making drinks with kombucha, I highly recommend Lev’s Original Green Tea Kombucha. Those living central or southern California are strongly urged to get some Lev’s and get creative! 


                                          Pomegranate, Lime, & Hibiscus Kombucha Cocktail


Today’s highlighted recipe is for pomegranate & lime kombucha cocktail, featuring Lev’s Original green tea kombucha in hibiscus flavour. The hibiscus formula reminds me a bit of a floral, dry (non-alcoholic) champagne, which makes it perfect for fusions containing more subtle fruit elements worthy of distinction. As such, it is perfect for making delightful and refreshing kombucha cocktails such as the one I have presented here.


As an alternate variation to further lighten flavour and increase effervescence, I suggest adding a bit of your favourite sparkling mineral water. My personal preference is Gerolsteiner, which is delicious and also quite high in the essential elements calcium and magnesium.


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