Very recently, I posted a piece via the Dark Stardust blog about Earthlings and politics surrounding the vegan lifestyle. In that post I discussed ways in which true veganism goes far beyond food, and touched upon how many other factors are to be considered as part of the equation. I concluded the post with an embedded version of the Earthlings film for all to view in its entirety (free of charge), and strong recommendation for anyone who has not seen the film to do so. 

That having been addressed, I would now like to bring to mention yet another aspect of veganism which is also an essential part of my personal equation:


Spirituality & Mindful Consumption

Food is a gracious and beautiful gift from the Universe, best appreciated and considered to be perfect in its true, original (raw) form. When one sees a lovely, organically grown apple, it is indeed kind practice to give thanks. Gratitude is a key element to abundance, so one should certainly be grateful and mindful in receiving, and equally joyful in offering.
Appreciation, for many, is essentially something of an artform. This is where mindfulness comes into play…
For example, when one is presented with something to be eaten, it should be taken in with full appreciation and little reservation. In order to be accepted and appreciated to the fullest degree, origin and sourcing methods may be key elements. When an apple comes directly from a tree, the origin is obvious and offering thanks to the Source seems a great deal easier. Also, when love is present in creation a the gift of food, ingestion of such becomes something of a sacred act.
On a similar note, I feel compelled to point out the very obvious fact that a perishable thing of beauty cannot be kept indefinitely… Unless consumed. Once a bite is taken, chewed and swallowed, the energy and chemicals found within the organism become one with the being who ingests. In other words, eating permanently combines us with our food.
One literally becomes one with food once consumed by mouth, so great care should be taken to ensure the energy consumed is positive and obtained in peace & arrant grace.
Please consider this post to be food for thought; a gift from the Tree of Knowledge, bearing seeds to potentially bring forth a new Tree of Life. 
    The apple is now part of you, to carry with you wherever you go for the rest of your days.
Peace, Blessings & Infinite Gratitude!

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