This dish is quite simple, yet heavy, rich, garlicky & very satisfying. The most arduous, time consuming element of the entire recipe is the soaking of the almonds, so please remember to pre-soak your almonds for 24 hours and set aside enough time for peeling the outer skins. Alternately, one could pre-soak & peel almonds in advance to store in refrigerator, but be sure to keep them immersed in clean water to preserve freshness. They should keep for around 3 days this way, but I would not recommend leaving them for much longer.

I used:
– 3 medium sized courgettes (green squash)
– 1 large heirloom tomato (chopped)
– Genovese (Italian) basil – several large leaves (sliced)

Sauce ingredients: 

• 2 Cups raw, unpasteurised almonds (soaked & peeled)

• 1½ – 2 Cups water (add as necessary)

• ¼ Cup extra virgin olive oil (organic, unfiltered, first cold pressed)

• Celtic sea salt (to taste)

•3-5 cloves fresh organic garlic (depending upon preference)

OPTIONAL STEP: Remove the outer skin from courgettes. I do not remove the outer skin from the squash, though I do know some people who choose to do so for the sake of appearance.

  1. Slice courgettes into spiral or fettucini style ribbons. A spiral slicer is quickest, though for this dish I sliced each squash differently for variety in textures (1 thinly spiraled, another thickly spiraled, and the last one sliced mandoline style & then ribboned like fettucini).
  2. Combine sauce ingredients in Vitamix, using only enough water to barely cover almonds. Withholding any remaining water to be added in gradually (as necessary).
  3. Blend until smooth, adding water as necessary to achieve a smooth, thick, and creamy consistency
  4. Arrange “noodles” in a bowl as desired, add tomatoes & basil, pour sauce over top
  5. Garnish with parsley, serve, and enjoy with gratitude!

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