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I’m DⒶⓋi (a.k.a. “Lady Ⓥ”) St✭rdust––Voluntaristic, Ahimsa-centric spirit soul and advocate for Natural Law, sovereignty, health freedom, & personal sovereignty for all sentient beings.
I am also an eclectically influenced “creatrix” (studio vocalist, writer, raw/living culinary artisan/instructor), holistic lifestyle/wellness mentor, & certified World Peace Diet Facilitator currently based just outside of London, U.K.Having grown up as the sole vegetarian in my family home (further defined as “vegan” by a fellow vegetarian back in in 1990), everyday life often felt like an ongoing battle with my parents. Despite being owners & successful stewards of a small (yet heavily productive) fruit orchard just outside of NYC, they seemed fully convinced that one could not possibly thrive on a diet of fruit and plants alone. As such, they tried just about every trick imaginable as means to guide me toward their way of life––alas, to no avail. Eventually they gave up on arguing/threatening/bargaining with me to eat certain things and instead presented me with a compromise/ultimatum type of agreement:
I would be allowed to continue through this “phase” until my health began to suffer. Once I showed any significant signs of illness, my “privilege” to eat differently (and often separately) would be revoked and I would be expected to comply with eating normal household fare as part of the family.As such, I developed a keen interest in natural health, spent loads of time exploring natural food/wellness shops and discovering new and exciting things––whilst also researching each and every find in the local library, book shops, wherever I could find information. I was also preparing my own meals and experimenting with Ayurvedic therapies, medicinal herbs (many of which were grown by my parents in our home garden/orchard), essential oils, nutraceuticals, and nootropics––all while studying/performing music, maintaining a fairly active social life amongst fellow nonconformists (a.k.a. “misfits”), and preparing to enter university as a classical vocal performance major. During this time I also acquired two fitness training certifications (one in physical limitations––which would eventually benefit me in my own efforts toward healing/rehabilitation from serious injuries), whilst also offering plantbased nutritional consultations to clients in various gyms where I worked.

Eventually I was offered different, higher paying, often musically-oriented work outside of the gym and decided to try new things. Since then I have taken on a rather varied assortment of professional roles, running the gamut on a multitude of levels/realms––ballroom dance instructor/choreographed dancer, corporate spokesmodel/brand ambassador, au pair/home school teacher, stage performer/backing vocalist/music video “vixen”/merch slinger for a handful of independent artists/bands, copy editor, paralegal, veterinary technician/companion animal care professional, studio vocalist, caterer/manager’s assistant in a natural food shop, caterer, culinary artisan/instructor, charity director, spiritual seeker/theology student, coenobite, ordained minister, and personal wellness chef.

Since 2006 I have been devoutly adherent to a raw, whole, raw food lifestyle; entirely free of chemicals, intoxicants, pharmaceuticals, animal flesh (& extracts/derivatives), processed “food” items, and a host of other “modern conveniences”––whilst also aiming to address some rather notable obstacles, adversities, and healing crises along the way. Modern life has become rather complicated, so my aim has generally been to live as clean and simply as possible in relation to my own everyday existence within.

In a nutshell:
Since early days, my life’s purpose on Earth has been to learn, explore, and widely share the most effective means I have found for thriving, healing, and overall enjoyment of all aspects of life––whilst creating as little harm or disturbance to other sentient beings (-orour shared environment) as possible.

In closing, I would like to address those who have subscribed and made contact with me through my work via LORAX Community and The Raw Veganista blog:


Dearest readers,

Please know how immeasurably grateful I am for all of your kindness and support over the past 15+ years. Your presence in my life has been an incredible blessing, and will continue to be cherished as such! Without your positivity and wonderful proclivities for knowledge and sharing, I sincerely doubt that I would have ever been able to find enough strength and motivation to continue.  Although this site and my branding may be changing over to reflect the newest developments in my life, your presence and ongoing support shall be taken into consideration each and every step of the way.

Peace to all beings,