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Newly acquainted? Here’s me in a nutshell:




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Classically trained, jazz-inspired, electronica influenced & standards-obsessed modern vocalist known as Damiana K. (also credited as ‘Dark Stardust‘ & ‘Lady of The Lorax‘) – semi-retired professional print/promotional/pinup/art/alt culture model, program presenter, choreographed dancer, stage performer, and promoter of conscious living.

Active for animals and other benevolent EarthlingsVegan since 1990, animal care/rehabilitation specialist, currently acting as founding director, educator & ambassador for Lorax Community (Local Organic REvolutionary Ahimsa Xenodochium), “a gentle movement toward self-sustainability”, as means for sharing Earth’s bounties and lessons with others who are inclined to follow a similar path.
Mindful Epicurean & Culinary AlchemistAs a result of having developed a keen interest in raw food nutrition & preparation at the beginning of the century, eventually opted to adhere to a 100% raw, largely frugivore diet & began to work as a raw chef.
Student of nutrition, theology, philosophy, culinary arts & lifeInterfaith Minister (twice ordained), also working toward certifications in nutrition & raw culinary education. Pursuing a lifelong dream of living in peaceful harmony with nature, sharing Universal abundance and beneficial insights.
Environmentalist, gardening enthusiast & avid homesteaderTeaching others sustainable/DIY & Ahimsa methods of cultivation, harvesting & preparation of food as part of her service through Lorax Community. Also began a farm-direct vegan buying club, farm market & community garden engagement project which is constantly expanding to form other Lorax Community projects across the USA (& beyond).


The above info is a simple outline for those who may not know me well already. For more in-depth information relating to my background or purpose, please feel free to refer to the Mission Statement at Dark Stardust, biography/statement of purpose for Lorax Community, or “Food Philosophy” segment of this site.


For those who had previously been connected, here’s a bit of a catch-up on my life’s events from 2011 onward: 

  • I left Lorax Community’s New York City Garden Sanctuary space (where I had been growing/preparing/serving raw, vegan food and instructing the majority of my classes) in Summer of 2011 and set off to do a bit of travelling through the end of the year.
  • Nearing the end of a business trip in late Autumn of 2011, I was struck by a hit-and-run driver whilst out running errands on a bicycle in Los Angeles. As a result, I was rendered indefinitely disabled and advised to avoid travelling for at least a few months. As such, I was forced to give up what had been my home for over a decade in NYC.
  • Throughout the course of time immediately following my injury up through the majority of 2012, I had no access to anything resembling a spacious, industrial, commercial, or any other “fancy” sort of kitchen. As such, the majority of posts I was able to make during that time were prepared by my own hands in makeshift kitchenettes in various hotel rooms – all of which were done with the aid of a wheelchair. Not especially glamourous, but getting around and carrying things on my own without creating a massive pit of disarray would have otherwise proven impossible.
  • Despite having had incurred a debilitating injury various shortcomings related to lack of ideal kitchen space, I managed to adhere to an entirely raw, vegan, living food diet. I also considered myself very fortunate to have access to refrigerators, and the good sense to have packed my Vitamix before having embarked upon my journey.    😉

In closing: I must profess my immeasurable gratitude to supportive friends and family, and also so many enthusiastic followers by way of various social networks for having taken an interest in my work. Without your positivity and wonderful proclivities for knowledge and sharing, I would never have been able to find strength and motivation to continue.

Peace, blessings, and infinite gratitude to all,